Voice of the Customer

Empathetic listening allows us to help drive sustainable change. Connect with us for help on designing your team’s story and approach to executing your strategic vision.

Brainstorm & Test

Thinking of changing the way you work? Just “try it”, then measure your outcomes! Sounds simple enough. Connect with us for help facilitating team brainstorming, design thinking, and moving from current state to your ideal environment.

Identify Waste

Our approach is founded in the traditional Lean “gemba” approach of “Go and See” where the work is done. We engage with people in their professional and community-based environments in order to identify opportunities for improvement.

Measurable Improvement

How will you know that your business improved after changes are made? We will identify qualitative and quantitative ways to know whether evidence supports the changes your team is making. 

What is an Industrial Engineer?

All engineers are problem solvers. Most engineers make things. Industrial Engineers make things better.

How We Work With Our Clients

Together We Will Build a More Sustainable Business for Your Future

Process Improvement

Walking the environment, listening to stories, and asking the right questions is a critical aspect of our discovery phase. This helps to build trust in the process of collaborative improvement.


This isn’t about change for the sake of change. We apply lean and design thinking methodologies to identify ways for the team to test their new ideas in an environment based on trust, respect, and data. 

Journey Mapping

We get excited to hear your stories! We specialize in visually transforming shared perspectives. Identifying and defining the journey of key personas and critical to quality processes helps your team gain consensus and embrace change.

Our Vision

Lean Sustainable Solutions provides a refreshing approach to collaboration that allows for everyone’s voice to be heard, embraces data based decision making, and encourages brainstorming that builds on each other’s ideas.


We Believe in Sharing Our Best Practices Across Industries

Construction Management

Standard Work, Strategic Visioning, Problem Solving, Lean Construction


Material Flows, 5S, Root Cause Analysis, Operational Improvement, Visual Management


Patient Experience, Quality Improvement, Project Management, Lean Training, Workflow Planning

We Love Hearing From You!

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