Lean Sustainable Solutions

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What solutions do we provide?

Defining the scope of our services has been a journey. From improving the bottom line, to impacting the patient experience and facilitating change. Our vision is to guide growing businesses and facilitate economic development for the business community.

What is an Industrial Engineer (IE)?

Basic skill set stems from statistical analysis, ergonomics, process efficiency and human interactions with their work environment. These basics can evolve into a very wide range of applications and industries.

Lean Sustainable Solutions has experience in the manufacturing, healthcare, building, and small business industries.

Recent Projects

5S Lean Kaizen Event at Trauma Level 1 Hospital

Medical College of Wisconsin Course on Quality Improvement Methodologies

Tissue specimen management process improvement at a Trauma Level 1 hospital

Facilitating ambulatory clinic Value Stream Mapping event, which will provide leadership with a roadmap for achieving and implementing their strategic goals

Google Apps & Ms Exchange

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